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February 22, 2022 – Construction cranes recently hoisted roof trusses into place for the new facilities being built at the Inverness Golf Club. The framing out of the building marks a major milestone in the makeover as new resort-like facilities including paddle and pickleball courts, indoor golf simulators, a sports bar, and an ultra-casual dining room rise up at the Inverness club.
In addition to the new construction, extensive renovations have been taking place throughout the interior of the classic clubhouse that has been home to members for many years.
“Our locker rooms have been renovated and our main dining room is being reconfigured and updated,” General Manager and COO, William Skelnik, CCM said. “We’ve moved some walls, the main bar is shifting to the center of the dining room, and some booths are being installed. We think our members are going to be very pleased with the new look.”
The trusses that were put in place allow more extensive construction to take place on the new building that will be opening later this year.
“When we can cut the ribbon on the new facility, Inverness Golf Club becomes a year-round destination and will expand options for families even in our peak summer month,” Skelkik said. “We will offer access to paddle ball and pickle ball in addition to our highly-regarded golf course and tennis and swimming programs. We’ll also introduce ultra-casual dining to complement our fine dining option in the main dining room.”
Skelnik said that new personnel is being hired to manage the introduction of the new sports options and to staff the new facility.
Progress on construction can be seen by following @igcgolf on Instagram.