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IGC Caddie Program

For decades, Inverness Golf Club has had one of the best Caddie Programs in the metro Chicago area. Our members and golf staff take great pride in developing young people and we are proud supporters of the Western Golf Association Evans Scholars Foundation (WGAESF) which provides full tuition scholarship and housing for deserving caddies. We currently have a number of caddies enrolled in top schools across the Midwest after receiving the Evans Scholarship.

Local high school boys and girls have sought to work in IGC’s caddie program since its inception. Not only is the club a prestigious place to work, but there are many benefits including, but not limited to, good compensation, food and drink provided during your loops, and free golf privileges when applicable. The Caddie program provides opportunities to gain interpersonal experiences, build teamwork, and instill an understanding of hard work. Some of the responsibilities they have include:
  • Carrying the golfers bag
  • Providing advice to the player
  • Cleaning balls
  • Replacing divots
  • Attending the flag
  • And so much more!

Requirements of a Caddie

  • 14 years of age or older
  • Attend a required training classes and pass the written test.
  • Must wear the required uniform and badge. White golf shirt, khaki pants/shorts (No Cargo pockets), Caddie bibs will require a $25.00 deposit, refundable after your last loop. There will also be a onetime charge of $25.00 for a name tag, caddie hat, and caddie towel. (Not Refundable)                     

The Benefits of Caddies

Club Benefits 

  • Speeds up pace of play – having caddies clean up after golfers on the tees, fairways, and greens encourages a quicker pace of play. 
  • Enhanced status and image – offering caddies increases the club’s prestige. 
  • Improved course conditions – when caddies fix divots, ball marks, and bunkers, they help to maintain the quality and integrity of the golf course

Caddie Benefits

  • Opportunity to earn good money during flexible hours
  • ​Exposure to positive role models
  • Opportunity to have a great work environment
  • Ability to work and exercise simultaneously
  • Opportunity to be awarded a Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship
  • Opportunity to be awarded a IGC Caddie Scholarship
  • Potential for networking with members and guests in their respected professions and careers

Golfer Benefits

  • Improves the quality of their game – letting a caddie handle the clubs, flagstick, divots, and bunkers allows the golfer to focus on and improve their game.
  • ​​​Health Benefits – walking is an appetite suppressant, muscle relaxant, stress reliever, cardiovascular toner, weight reducer, and more. 
  • Increases personal satisfaction – by utilizing a caddie, a golfer takes on a mentoring role by having a positive impact on the lives of young people. 
  • Amplifies the golfing experience – having a caddie enlightens the golfing experience, especially when entertaining guests. 

Community Benefits

  • Young caddies develop outstanding work ethic and attitude
  • A mentoring relationship is developed in a healthy environment

Honor Caddies
Also known as captains, these are the older more experienced caddies who have earned their rating by faithful attendance, outstanding work and help in training younger or less experienced caddies.  These caddies know the duties and responsibilities of caddying and have a record of consistent high-quality performance.  Almost without exception, players will grade these caddies as “Excellent”.  Honor caddies should be capable of serving as instructors for caddie recruits.  They should also be the first choice for double loop assignments because they are best prepared to meet the demands of two players at one time.  Honor caddies are expected to set an example for the younger caddies not only in their duties on the course, but also in their conduct around the clubhouse.

Class “A” Caddies
These are usually the younger, less experienced caddies who have some experience and earn ratings of “Satisfactory” and “Good” from golfers.  They have the desire and aptitude to become Honor Caddies and are capable of handling double loops.  The Class A designation should not be awarded until a caddie has exhibited a consistent record of attendance and acceptable performance.

Class “B” Caddies
These are the beginner caddies (remember, every Honor Caddie started here).  As young recruits, they need practice, understanding and encouragement.  Their development is essential to the continued success of the caddie program, so members should be encouraged to be helpful and supportive.  Class B caddies should be restricted to single loops, and training should be a continual process until he or she is promoted to Class A. 
For questions, please contact our Caddie Master at (847) 358-2340 or e-mail: