Inverness Golf Club is a private club that is not open to the general public. Only those guests who are brought via an IGC Member or are part of a Club sanctioned private event are allowed on property. Those guests who are permitted on property for any reason are expected to follow the same set of standards and rules as IGC members.

Guests are to be accompanied by the host Member or a Member of the host Member's family who is also entitled to Club privileges. The host Member shall be responsible for expenses incurred by the guest and shall also be held accountable for the guest's conduct. Please inform all guests of the IGC Dress Code.

All guests should check in at the appropriate area when arriving at the Club, i.e. If you are bringing a guest to play golf, instruct them to let the valet know who they are golfing with, or check in with the Golf Shop if self-parking and walking up the path along Hole #9. 

All guests that are arriving at the Club for a non-golf function should enter through the main entrance underneath the awning in the front of the Clubhouse. If there is no valet to direct the guest indoors, they may enter through the main entrance and check in with the Front Desk, who will show your guest to their destination.