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Pool Locker Room Usage

Children are only allowed in the pool locker rooms adjacent to the pool area. Children are prohibited from entering the Clubhouse Ladies or Men’s Locker Rooms at all times.

Swim Area and Attire Policy

Proper swimming attire is to be worn at all times when using the pool. Smart Casual will be acceptable in this area. Modest swimwear is preferred. When outside the pool and Niblick areas, an appropriate cover-up is to be worn over swimsuits and proper footwear should be on at all times. Sports caps must be worn with bills facing forward. Swim attire is never appropriate for the Clubhouse, Outdoor Bar Seating Area and Patio Dining Area, except in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms and then only with an appropriate cover-up and footwear.

Please note, that denim is approved in the pool area, however frayed jean and or jean shorts are prohibited at the pool area as defined in the denim wear policy for IGC.

Pool Admission & Usage Procedures

A Member is defined as any Club Member of a class approved for pool use.  In addition, that member’s spouse or significant other, while living with the member in the member’s home. In addition, any of the member’s children who are unmarried and under the age of 26 years of age and living with the member, in the member’s home, shall be eligible for full use of the pool facilities. 

Members and eligible family members must sign the pool register upon each admission to the pool. Guests of the Members or eligible family members must be introduced, registered and stay with the accompanying Member while at the pool.  The conduct and charges of the guest are the responsibility of the Member. No guest, whether sponsored by multiple Members, may use the pool more than six times per season.

All guests must pay the current guest fee approved by the Board. Exceptions include a full-time adult babysitter or nanny designated by the member to supervise their children and the grandchildren of a Member when accompanied by the member or eligible spouse. Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times or they will be asked to leave the pool area. 

General Pool Etiquette

We ask that you help keep IGC clean and tidy. Out staff works diligently to keep our property and pool area clean. Food vessels and napkins tend to blow around the pool, thus please help us by throwing away your garbage when finished.  In addition, we have conveniently placed 3 towel barrels around the pool to put your used towels in.  Finally, as a reminder, adults should always supervise their children at the pool and throughout the entire club. This is essential for their safety as well as other members enjoyment of the club.

The pool is closed for the season.

See you this summer!