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Dress Code

Inverness Golf Club’s Dress Code is designed to enhance the overall Club experience for all of our Members, families and guests, while reflecting and preserving our standard of excellence, Club culture and traditions. 

IGC requires appropriate golf attire/business casual dress. Slacks or knee length shorts and golf shirts with collars should be worn on the course or when dining with us. No short shorts, collarless tee shirts or cargo shorts and pants should be worn. No shirt may be left un-tucked on the Golf Course. Hats and caps are not permitted to be worn by men or boys in the dining areas (other than the The Grill and the Bar area). Hats are not allowed to be worn backwards on the course or in the Clubhouse. No hats or caps may be worn anywhere in the clubhouse after 6:00 pm. Appropriate jeans and denim clothing are allowed. No torn, tattered, stone washed, patchworked, paint splattered or oversized jeans or denim will be considered acceptable. Jeans must be in over all good and tasteful condition. Jeans or denim must be worn at hip level.

Members are fully responsible for informing their guests of the Dress Code and acceptable attire. In addition, parents have the responsibility to provide clear guidance to their children and ensure that they are adhering to the Dress Code. The Dress Code will apply at all times unless specifically modified for a Club event.

For area specific dress, please see the appropriate tab below:

Clubhouse and Dining

Formal Events Requiring Formal Club Attire

Business Casual is defined as: long slacks, collared shirts with shirts tucked in, and appropriate footwear for gentlemen; comparable attire and footwear for ladies and children. Jackets are recommended for gentlemen, but not required. Jeans and denim, tennis attire, swimming attire and flip-flop shoes are never appropriate at these events.  No hats/caps may be worn anywhere in the clubhouse after 6:00 pm. If wearing golf attire after 6:00 pm, members, spouses and their guests will be allowed to pass through these areas for circulation purposes or to attend committee meetings. 

The following Holidays and Club Events require the minimum dress of “business casual.”
  • Easter - Business Casual
  • Mother’s Day - Business Casual
  • Thanksgiving Day - Business Casual
  • Holiday Ball - Black Tie Optional
  • Santa’s Brunch - Business Casual
  • Family and Adult Madrigal - Business Casual
  • New Year Eve - Business Casual
  • Derby, Men’s Invitational and Whirlaway tournament dress codes are subject to change each year. Dress codes for these events will be listed in the present year’s golf book.

Non-Golfing Outdoor Areas

The Outdoor Bar Seating area immediately outside of the Lounge/Bar (with white Adirondack chairs) and the Patio Dining area are considered Smart Casual Areas of the Club with the corresponding dress code as outlined above.

Golf Course & Practice Areas

Appropriate golf attire is required for everyone using the golf course, driving range, chipping area and putting green. The golf course dress code will be enforced at all times and is applicable to all members and guests.

Men’s Golf Attire

Slacks, knee length shorts, golf shirts with collars and sleeves, turtlenecks/ mock turtlenecks and golf outerwear are appropriate. Shirts must be tucked in at all times on the golf course. Baseball style caps are to be worn facing forward.

Women’s Golf Attire

Attire should be consistent with accepted standards of propriety and good taste. Dresses, slacks, medium-length skirts and shorts, golf shirts/blouses in various styles and golf outerwear are appropriate. Golf shirts may be sleeveless shirts with collars.

Some clothing items NOT PERMITTED ON THE GOLF COURSE for anyone (including children of all ages) are cargo shorts/pants, cutoffs, jeans or denim of any kind, running shorts, short shorts, t-shirts, sweat-suits, jogging suits, sweatshirts of any kind, tank tops, tennis attire, swimming attire, flip flops or jogging shoes.

Spikeless golf shoes must be worn at all times. Arrangements may be made with the locker room attendant to change spiked shoes.

Tennis Area and Attire

All tennis attire and accessories (shoes, hats, visors and warm-up suits, etc.) must be appropriate for tennis. Smart Casual dress, or denim, will not be acceptable in this area. All shirts for men and boys must have sleeves; ladies may have sleeveless tops. Tennis caps must be worn with bills facing forward. No cargo shorts are permitted. Tennis attire is only appropriate inside the Clubhouse if it is consistent with standard golf attire (as defined on this page). However, Tennis attire not meeting the definition of standard golf attire may be worn in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms at all times and in the Outdoor Bar Seating area and Patio Dining area.

Swim Area and Attire

Proper swimming attire is to be worn at all times when using the pool. Smart Casual will be acceptable in this area. Modest swimwear is preferred. When outside the pool and Niblick areas, an appropriate cover-up is to be worn over swimsuits and proper footwear should be on at all times. Sports caps must be worn with bills facing forward. Swim attire is never appropriate for the Clubhouse, Outdoor Bar Seating Area and Patio Dining Area, except in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms and then only with an appropriate cover-up and footwear. 

Please Note

We all take great pride in the quality of the environment at Inverness Golf Club and the Dress Code is an important part of maintaining that feel. Please cooperate with management staff as they work to maintain our great environment. Members will be notified of any violation of the Dress Code. The Board of Directors will take corrective action when necessary to insure adherence to the Club’s policies on the Dress Code.